What is a Certified Bankruptcy Specialist?

 What is a Certified Bankruptcy Law Specialist?

Attorneys may advertise or identify themselves as a certified bankruptcy specialist in California only if they are certified either by the State Bar of California Board of Legal Specialization as a bankruptcy specialist, or by an organization whose bankruptcy specialist certification program has been accredited by the California State Bar. (Such an organization must have requirements for certification as a bankruptcy specialist that are at least equal to those of the State Bar’s Bankruptcy Specialist Certification program.)

Attorneys who are California State Bar Board of Legal Specialization

Certified Bankruptcy Law Specialist must:

     1. have taken and passed a written examination in Bankruptcy law;

     2. demonstrated a high level of experience in Bankruptcy Law;

     3. fulfilled higher ongoing education requirements then those required of other bankruptcy lawyers; and

     4. have been favorably evaluated by bankruptcy trustees, the U.S. Trustee’s office, other bankruptcy attorneys and Bankruptcy Judges familiar with their work.

Fraley & Fraley, Sacramento Bankruptcy Attorneys founder and owner Gary Ray Fraley, Esquire, has been a California State Bar of California Board of Legal Specialization Certified Bankruptcy Law Specialist for over 10 years. He has been practicing bankruptcy law for over 33 years, having handled thousands of cases just like yours.

Despite his Bankruptcy Law Specialization and experience, Mr. Fraley believes that everyone is due and entitled to be treated with respect. He also believes that all relevant information and options should be presented to any potential client at their free initial bankruptcy attorney consultation. An informed client is the most likely to make the best decisions and be able to work as a team with the bankruptcy law firm to get the best result possible.


Nine Reasons why you want your attorney to be a

“California State Bar Certified Bankruptcy Law Specialist.”


 You want a California State Bar Board of Legal Specialization Certified Bankruptcy Specialist because you know that the attorney is one of the very best with a high standard of quality and integrity. The State Bar is telling you so by that Certification. There are only about 100 attorneys in the State of California Certified as Bankruptcy Specialists.

The Fraley & Fraley, Sacramento Bankruptcy Attorneys law firm is run on the highest quality level. You know this is the case when you have a Certified Bankruptcy Law Specialist.

At Fraley & Fraley, Sacramento Bankruptcy Attorneys, you are getting the following benefits:

     1. An attorney who KNOWS what he or she is doing and has a CERTIFIED BANKRUPTCY SPECIALIST of 33+ years to review your case and give advice (Mr. Fraley does most client consultations, especially in more complicated situations). Mr. Fraley actually TEACHES BANKRUPTCY LAW SEMINARS for bankruptcy attorneys that even some of his competitors go to. (No he won’t tell you who. He wants them to come to more of his seminars so they can do an even better job for their clients);

     2. A bankruptcy lawyer whose goal is to give you complete, accurate, USEFUL information that you can act on as soon as you walk out our door even BEFORE you hire Fraley & Fraley;

     3. A bankruptcy law attorney who’s willing to TAKE THE TIME to gather detailed information so as to explain in plain English what your rights and options are. Our typical free bankruptcy attorney consultation is 1-2 hours, sometimes more;

     4. A bankruptcy law attorney who will answer ALL your questions;  

     5. A bankruptcy lawyer who will give you a fee quote but will not pressure you in any way;

     6. An bankruptcy attorney who will give you advice that is worth more the cost of hiring and paying our fee. In fact our non-bankruptcy advice alone is typically worth thousands of dollars more than all of our fees;

     7. A bankruptcy law attorney who will explain what possessions and rights (if any) you have that are at risk in filing bankruptcy. Then the bankruptcy attorney will explain to you how we are going to PROTECT the VALUE of those assets FROM CREDITORS;

     8. A bankruptcy attorney whose focus is on protecting your rights. This is not done just by filling out bankruptcy forms of where you are now. This is done by using ALL AVAILABLE TOOLS including, though not limited to, asset planning, timing of the filing, means test planning and a higher understanding of the nuances of the bankruptcy laws to help you solve your financial problems and get you the result you need.

     9. A bankruptcy attorney who understands that the bankruptcy laws are dynamic and always changing they are interpreted by different Bankruptcy Judges and different Courts and keeps up on the latest cases through regular ongoing education and discussions with other lawyers, trustees and Judges in the field.

With your financial future and the ability to control and/or eliminate debts at stake, can you afford to trust someone other than a bankruptcy law firm run and owned by a California State Bar Certified Bankruptcy Specialist to represent you?

Second best often is a big mistake. Consider this, how often have you been disappointed when you settled for buying lesser quality things because you could save a few bucks? Those were only things. Here you are risking your possessions, your rights and your future. Can you afford to gamble on someone who is not a State Bar Certified Bankruptcy Specialist?

Our fees are reasonable and the quality of service is top notch.

As the Indiana Jones movie line goes, “Choose wisely.” Choose California State Bar Certified Bankruptcy Law Specialist Gary Fraley to protect your rights.

Call Fraley & Fraley, Sacramento Bankruptcy Attorneys at (916) 485-5444 or 1(800) 675-1005 to schedule your free attorney consultation and hire your own Certified Bankruptcy Law Specialist owned and operated bankruptcy law firm.


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