Debts, Bankruptcy, and Divorce

Can I use bankruptcy to divorce myself from the debts I was ordered to pay in my divorce? It was a great marriage. Well it was, until it all fell apart. In the divorce your spouse got the gold mine and you got the shaft. Of course, you now have to pay support as well. […]

The Interplay Between Divorce And Bankruptcy

Divorce and Bankruptcy It is often said that most divorces are caused by financial struggles. When a family is facing significant financial problems, the stress levels can be high and cause serious conflict. This type of conflict is difficult to recover from, especially if one of the spouses feels they are doing more to contribute […]

What is filing bankruptcy like for people with money problems?

  Considering Filing Bankruptcy? Learn What Your Experience Should Be Like. Some people have bad experiences in bankruptcy because they either have a less than competent attorney or they do not know what the process should be like. We are going to cover what your experience should be like from when you first see the […]

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