Personal Bankruptcy or Business Bankruptcy?

Whether you are a consumer client needing a personal bankruptcy or an owner of a business, you will find yourself comfortable Gary Fraley and his Fraley & Fraley Sacramento Bankruptcy Attorneys law firm. He is equally capable of working out solutions for both personal and business debtors whether the debt is a few thousand dollars or millions of dollars.

Personal Bankruptcy

We have helped so many consumers through personal bankruptcy we have simply lost count (i.e. the hard disk with the list crashed over a decade ago and it had more than 10,000 cases at that time.) Gary Fraley has been a member of the National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys (NACBA) for decades. He is also a member of the National Association of Consumer Advocates (NACA.)

You need not be afraid of coming to see Gary or any attorney at the Fraley & Fraley Sacramento Bankruptcy Attorneys law firm. The only people that need to be afraid of us are your creditors.

Sadly, even now after the so-called recovery, many homeowners still face the potential of losing their home to foreclosure. We take great pride in the fact that we stop foreclosures and have saved uncounted numbers of homes for our personal bankruptcy clients.

Business Bankruptcy

A large portion of our clients are owners of small and medium size businesses with debt problems. Our clients cover a wide range of businesses. Click on types of businesses we have represented for a partial list that may surprise you.

Fraley & Fraley, Sacramento Bankruptcy Attorneys are the “go to” bankruptcy attorneys for business debtors. For a discussion of the 9 options for businesses in debt trouble click here.


Over the last 40 years we have helped clients get the fresh start they need. We can do the same for you. Starting with your free initial consultation you will get real, immediately usable information and advice, not 15 minutes and a fee quote. We will not pressure you. You have enough pressure from creditors; you do not need it from a bankruptcy attorney. You will find out if you qualify for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy; or a Chapter 13 Debt Reorganization Plan; or if debt negotiation or some other non-bankruptcy options are best for you.

What You Should Expect at Your Initial Bankruptcy Consultation

(1) You will receive a free bankruptcy consultation of one hour (or more) with a bankruptcy attorney who specializes in bankruptcy law.

All bankruptcy consultations are scheduled with one of our bankruptcy attorneys.  Bankruptcy laws are complex and full of traps for inexperienced attorneys.  Do not risk losing everything by moving forward without an attorney or with someone inexperienced.  Protect your assets and your future. 

(2) You will be treated with honesty and respect by our bankruptcy attorneys and staff.

We know this is not an easy time if you are contacting us about our services.  We are here to help educate and advise you based on the information you provide.  We will work together as a team, which means we need open and honest communication to achieve the best result. 

(3) You will be given an honest and complete assessment of your personal situation.

Our office will do what is best for you.  Our advice will be based on your financial situation, not our bottom line. If non-bankruptcy options make more sense, than they will be discussed

(4) All options and services will be explained in plain English not “Legalese.”

Our staff will explain everything in terms you will understand.  We will also make sure your questions are answered.

(5) At your initial bankruptcy consultation, you will receive an explanation of the fees and what services are included. 

You will know up-front what the fee is, what is covered, and what is not. There should be no surprises.

(6) There will be no high-pressure sales tactics.

You have enough pressure from creditors and debt collectors. There is no excuse for being pressured by a bankruptcy attorney. If you are about to suffer an immediate loss, then it should be the circumstances and not the attorney applying the pressure.

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