Homestead Exemption Increase – Success?? Not quite yet. It STILL NEEDS YOUR HELP.

This is the email I sent Governor Gavin Newsom about the ALMOST HOMESTEAD LAW.

I need your help. Please, Please, Please, contact Governor Newsom  to sign off on the AB 1882 homestead law before the time expires for him to do so.

As a bankruptcy attorney and certified specialist with 42 years in practice. I am seeing large numbers of senior citizens, disabled people, low income people and people who had the courage to open businesses in our state that had their businesses fail (even before COVID-19) and ordinary people who are losing their homes in bankruptcy. That is because the bankruptcy trustee can sell the home and use the money to pay creditors. 

Under the present law, even the pitifully small exempt amount is only protected for 180 days after the trustee sells the home for the bankrupt to buy another home, which is almost impossible to do. Then the trustee gets to take even that pittance away from them, leaving them homeless.Most of those are cases that would not happen if the homestead exemption is increased. The Homestead law AB 1882 was passed almost unanimously by the Senate 32-2 (94+%.) The final Assembly vote was 60-14 (81%+).

These people deserve to not be kicked out of their homes. We have enough homeless. Please don’t make even more people homeless. You are the only person that can help them. Please do not let them down.

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