NOTE: I appreciate the Clients who provided these testimonials so others may know the quality of service and concern I provide. Every testimonial was freely volunteered by my clients and authorized by them to be used in our contacts with you to help you to feel safe in coming to my firm. No compensation of any sort was offered or paid to any of these good people for their kind words. The actual client names were reduced to first name and initial or just initials to protect their privacy. The actual letters are maintained in our office.

Ms. Deb, Sacramento CA.

“For 40 years I had been Miss Responsible and paid all the creditors that loved to give me credit on time and a little extra.  When things got rough for them they increased my interest rates and reduced my credit line.  Up went my monthly payments and down went my rate of pay due to the “economy” need for cutbacks.  I paddled for months and was one small emergency away from losing everything.  Being 10 years away from retirement I knew I had to get help.  I wearily crept into Mr Gary Fraleys office for a free consultation and after 2 hours, which felt like 10 minutes, I felt hopeful and relieved.  He took my case and with the extreme help of Andrew, Jennifer, Lisa and Rachel I now have a fresh start and have the knowledge to not go on that carnival ride with the creditors again.  I thank all of you with my whole heart and can’t tell you how grateful I am and lucky that I found you.  I wish you continued success with doing what you do so well!”

Mr. and Mrs. Dennis P. Sacramento CA.

Due to catastrophic illness, my wife and I had to file a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. Most people do not begin to realize the severe trauma associated not only with catastrophic illness not to mention the stress caused by a bankruptcy. After consulting with a number of the best attorneys in our local area, it became clear that none could handle our case. In each case, when we asked for a referral, the name Fraley and Fraley was given to us. Gary Fraley and his team… took our case and got us through the most difficult time of our lives in a caring and professional manner. They had the answers to our most technical questions and… always made us feel special. Being life long professionals in the hotel industry, my wife and I have no problem recognizing people who “go the extra mile” with their customers. If you are looking for the very best legal advise and representation for a pending bankruptcy, I know of no other law firm even close to their level of competence.

Mary E. Vallejo CA

I sincerely thank you for your help in my time of need. I have already recommended you to others considering this option. The decision to file was one of the most difficult of my life. The people at Fraley & Fraley were sensitive and informative, guiding me through preparation, court proceedings and post filings. I highly recommend them to anyone faced with similar financial difficulties.

Mrs. T.S. Vacaville CA

I would highly recommend you to anybody who would like to file for bankruptcy. It was also the reason why I had my mother’s bankruptcy services referred to you because I was very impressed with the way you handled my filing of bankruptcy. Recently, we just purchased 2 automobiles… at least some companies still would… finance our cars after bankruptcy. Thank you again atty. Fraley & Fraley. I will keep you in mind and tell people about your excellent services.

Mr. & Mrs. M. T.

Thank you for your help and going the extra mile during this very tough time for us. We appreciated the caring support and professionalism getting the job done with our bankruptcy. We especially appreciated it when Gary told us that a lot of hard working, good people sometimes get stuck with not much choice but to file. It does not make us bad people. We were able to save our house so now we can start over…

Mike V.

Gary – Thank you for assisting us in the bankruptcy process. It was a very emotional, stressful experience, but it was definitely worth the effort. Personally, it was a relief to hear your beliefs about our right to claim bankruptcy.

Mr. & Mrs. Gabriel S.

(Fraley & Fraley) made a painful process almost painless. They were very accessible re: any questions we had and very reassuring through the whole process. When we went to court, Fraley’s clients were the only clients not contested by creditors. Thank you.

Mr. & Mrs. O.

I would like to commend you for your extremely professional and obviously high level of expertise and help in resolving my family’s bankruptcy issues. You took the time to understand the whole situation, explain all of the options available to us, and give us a comprehensive analysis of the costs and procedures involved. The most impressive part of the service you gave us was the realistic advice that it seemed less expensive to pay off the credit cards rather than undergo the expense and ordeal of bankruptcy. I am so thrilled with the advice that you gave us, not charging any fees for the hour and half conversation and then your suggestion… that (paying the cards off) was the simplest and cheapest solution to a problem. You saved us so much aggravation, time and money that I can’t thank you enough for all your help.

N.H. Vacaville CA.

Everyone at Fraley & Fraley was helpful and understanding. I didn’t feel as if I was a “loser” who couldn’t get my act together. The whole process was easy, with my attorney taking me step-by-step through the whole process. I know I must of drove him nuts with all my questions, concerns, and troubles, but he was flexible and communicative and very patient.

Mr. & Mrs. Alex C.

Gary: I want to thank you and your staff for a very professional job in doing our bankruptcy. You all helped ease the tension and feelings of guilt in going through this ordeal. I will recommend you definitely to all my friends and acquaintances… needing your help in time of hardship. I was impressed in your preparation and completeness. Again, thank you and God Bless.

Mr. & Mrs. B.A. Vacaville CA

Dear Fraley & Fraley: We greatly appreciate you help in representing us in our recent Chapter 7 bankruptcy case. Your expertise in this field coupled with your good judgment and sound strategy have softened the financial crisis that we were facing at the time, allowing us to direct our available financial resources to the most important matters such as maintaining our house’s mortgage payment and putting decent food on the table. This gave us the breathing room that we desperately need since we were facing litigation and wage garnishments from some of our creditors. Your perfect advise on how to properly handle and protect our most important assets especially our house, vehicles, retirement savings and extra cash that we carry in our bank accounts, has helped us ease the pain towards rebuilding our finances. Today, a month after the discharge of our bankruptcy case, all of our assets are still with us. …and, most of all, while we are in the process of rebuilding our finances, our lives are back on track. Your handling of our case has been superb. Your office is on top of my list for referrals. Thank you very much and regards to every member of you staff for a job well done.

Douglas B. Sacramento CA

Dear Fraley & Fraley, I was most pleased with my experience with my bankruptcy proceedings. When I came to your office I felt like I was a failure, unable to complete his obligations. You helped me to see how the system puts you in that position and how to avoid it in the future. Everyone in your firm was friendly and informative. Thanks to you, I can finally move forward into my future instead of just keeping my head above water.

Mr. & Mrs. B.C. Dixon, CA

The bankruptcy was handled well. You were willing to work with me and answer a great deal of the questions I had about the bankruptcy. Even after the filing you kept answering questions for me about how the bankruptcy might affect a financial decision I might make.

Mr. John G.

I would like to thank Fraley & Fraley for the way they assisted me in my Bankruptcy. They made me feel at ease and although I had a guilty feeling at first, they kept me informed that it was my legal right and that many people are going through the same thing. I especially would like to thank (a specific Fraley & Fraley Case Analyst) who was very thorough and kept me informed as to what to expect each step of the way.

Lorna T. of Sacramento

Tears of Joy

I liked the flyer I received in the mail – it was very informative (compared to others I received). That’s what got me to call your office. .. (the attorney) was very caring and explained the whole process. I felt so relieved and at ease after my consultation (tears of joy!). Everyone made me feel so at ease. Going through a foreclosure and bankruptcy was the most traumatic event in my life. I appreciate your knowledge, comfort and ease shown to me during the whole process. Thank you for showing me there is light at the end of the tunnel! Yes – I have recommended you to family and friends.

Albert W & Estela W of Roseville

Overall service is wonderful.

The first time I (we) met him Atty Fraley, I, We felt comfortable the moment he explained how the bankruptcy works and documentation, support, the phone service, and the staff. Overall service is wonderful. As we said bankruptcy is a serious thing that happened into our life. We felt confident after we talked to our attorney Fraley and all their staff. Great! The moment we entered in the office I/We didn’t felt like treated differently because of bankruptcy but they treated us like very important person and that comes out in the office stress free.

Harriette C of Sacramento

I had heard Gary was the best and he was.

They explained in advance everything I would need to do on my own. I had heard Gary was the best and he was. I would use Fraley & Fraley again, but hopefully I will never need to. I have already recommended the agency to several people already.

Steven T of Wilton

Mr. Fraley..gave me great info about my bankruptcy relating to my divorce that my divorce attorney didn’t know

Easy to complete all the paper work. I thought my experience was great. Mr. Fraley during the first meeting started looking into my case and gave me great info about my bankruptcy relating to my divorce that my divorce lawyer didn’t know. Thank you.

Brenda B. of Sacramento

I felt safe trusting this firm

Always able to speak to someone. Whenever I call. Never an answering service. All documents were clearly explained to me. I felt safe trusting this firm. I rate this firm #5 (5 stars of 5). This firm help me thru a very challenging time in my life. And it was with honor and dignity.

Trisha C. of Carmichael

I liked everyone I came in contact with

I liked everyone I came in contact with. They treated me with courtesy and respect.

You sent me all the information I needed to complete the initial consultation. I would give you 5 stars. I felt confident going in to this and you did not let me down.

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