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Have You Been Sued? The Truth About: What Will Happen in a Lawsuit; Plus Your Bankruptcy & Non-Bankruptcy Options

I have been sued! Now what?

What happens if I do nothing?

In Small Claims Court:

There will be a date set for a trial. You can go there and argue your case. If you lose you have a right to have a new trial in Superior Court if you appeal the decision. If you do not have a legitimate defense in the court or you do not appear for trial, a judgment will be entered against you.

In Superior Court:

You will have 30 days to file an answer to the complaint. If you do then you will go to a “status conference” or a similar hearing. There the Judge will set dates for “discovery” to close. In a relatively uncomplicated case the Judge may set a trial date. If you lose at trial a Judgment will be entered against you.