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How do I know if I need to file bankruptcy?

A Checklist of 33 Indicators That You Should See a Bankruptcy Attorney   Here are 33 warning signs that you might need to file a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy or Chapter 13 debt reorganization plan to control creditors or eliminate your debts. If one or more apply, you should see a bankruptcy attorney as soon as […]

New California Bankruptcy Exemptions Compared

    Standard California Bankruptcy Exemptions & Wild Card California Bankruptcy Exemptions. A Side by Side California Bankruptcy Exemption Comparison Chart (This Chart Includes the New California Bankruptcy Exemptions Amounts as of April 1, 2016) TYPE OF PROPERTY STANDARD CALIFORNIA BANKRUPTCY EXEMPTIONS WILDCARD CALIFORNIA BANKRUPTCY EXEMPTIONS California Homestead Exemption for Debtor’s Principal Residence (including mobile homes, houseboats & […]

No more 2nd

How would you like to keep your home, get rid of your 2nd mortgage forever, control or even eliminate your other debts, and save thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars? In the next few minutes I am going to explain to you how we can really help you can do exactly this. Welcome […]