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If I Have Filed Bankruptcy Before, Can I File Again?

Why would you file bankruptcy again?   Sometimes certain life events happen more than once. For example, a lot of families have more than one child or have lived in more than one house over the course of their lives. These are examples of how life can repeat itself in good ways, but there are…

Do It Yourself Bankruptcy

Do It Yourself Bankruptcy Do it yourself bankruptcy can be tempting, especially where funds are limited. After all, the whole reason to file a do it yourself bankruptcy is that you are broke! I mean like, how hard can this be? After all, there are paralegals who will give you legal advice about all the…

How do I know if I need to file bankruptcy?

A Checklist of 33 Indicators That You Should See a Bankruptcy Attorney   Here are 33 warning signs that you might need to file a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy or Chapter 13 debt reorganization plan to control creditors or eliminate your debts. If one or more apply, you should see a bankruptcy attorney as soon as…


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Is my Attorney a Bankruptcy Specialist?

How Can I Tell if an Attorney is Really a “Bankruptcy Law Specialist?”crazy

You have looked for a bankruptcy specialist. The problem is that you find many attorneys who claim to be bankruptcy specialists or that “specialize” in bankruptcy. How can you know the real specialists from the ones that only claim to be a specialist?

How Does an Attorney Become a Certified Bankruptcy Specialist?


Some states do not certify bankruptcy law specialists and there is no way to tell whether a lawyer is a real specialist. However, many states, including California, actually have programs where the State Bar certifies an attorney as a Bankruptcy Law Specialist. Those programs may differ from state to each state. However, they typically require:

What is filing bankruptcy like for people with money problems?


Considering Filing Bankruptcy? Learn What Your

Experience Should Be Like.

Some people have bad experiences in bankruptcy because they either have a less than competent attorney or they do not know what the process should be like. We are going to cover what your experience should be like from when you first see the bankruptcy attorney to the completion of your case and beyond. If you have an attorney that does not spend the time with you to really go over your circumstances with you at your initial consultation or you feel like it was more sales pitch than good advise then it is time to look somewhere else. 

Meeting with a bankruptcy attorney to learn if filing bankruptcy will help you?

Free Consultation With Gary Fraley A Certified Bankruptcy Specialist About Filing BankruptcyI meet many people that come in my bankruptcy law office every day to see if filing bankruptcy will help them. Most are embarrassed to be there. They cannot believe that they would ever end up in my office. I have to explain that almost everyone that comes in feels the same way. The sad fact is that bad things happen to good people. No matter what you do you make choices based on your best guess as to what will happen in the future. Unfortunately. none of us has a crystal ball. (actually I do have one but it has yet to tell me about my future.)

I explain to them that they should not tie their self image to the fact that they had to file bankruptcy. Filing bankruptcy does not make you a bad person, just someone who had financial reverses or got in a little over their head. The average family is one paycheck away from being so …

Credit & Budgeting Calculators

Credit, Debt & Budgeting Calculators Debt Calculators Income Calculator Expense Calculator Debt Calculator Debt Consolidation Calculator Debt Payoff Goal Calculator Debt Ratio Calculator Loan Balance Calculator Budgeting calculators Budget Percent Calculator Cash Flow Calculator Expense Percentage Calculator Payment Breakdown Calculator   Mortgage Debt Calculator Mortgage Consolidation & Refinancing Calculator Mortgage Rate Comparison Calculator Automobile Affordability…

Our Client’s Bill of Rights

Any time you meet with a bankruptcy lawyer for a free bankruptcy attorney consultation, you should expect the following: 1. To be treated with respect by the bankruptcy attorney. Mutual respect should be given by both you and the bankruptcy lawyer. both are interviewing each other to see if you and the bankruptcy lawyer are…