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Here is the list of our staff and their positions. click on their picture to read more about them.          Carla Bear       Breeana Waggoner           Sean Shores          Joshua Fraley

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Credit, Debt & Budgeting Calculators Debt Calculators Income Calculator Expense Calculator Debt Calculator Debt Consolidation Calculator Debt Payoff Goal Calculator Debt Ratio Calculator Loan Balance Calculator Budgeting calculators Budget Percent Calculator Cash Flow Calculator Expense Percentage Calculator Payment Breakdown Calculator   Mortgage Debt Calculator Mortgage Consolidation & Refinancing Calculator Mortgage Rate Comparison Calculator Automobile Affordability […]


NOTE: I appreciate the Clients who provided these testimonials so others may know the quality of service and concern I provide. Every testimonial was freely volunteered by my clients and authorized by them to be used in our contacts with you to help you to feel safe in coming to my firm. No compensation of […]


Q:What types of bankruptcy protection are available? A:Most consumer cases are filed under as either a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, or a Chapter 13 Reorganization. Chapter 7 Bankruptcy allows a debtor to discharge most unsecured debt, such as credit cards and personal loans. Eligibility to file Chapter 7 depends on income. Most people are entitled to […]