Our Client’s Bill of Rights

Any time you meet with a bankruptcy lawyer for a free bankruptcy attorney consultation, you should expect the following:

1. To be treated with respect by the bankruptcy attorney. Mutual respect should be given by both you and the bankruptcy lawyer. both are interviewing each other to see if you and the bankruptcy lawyer are comfortable working together.

2. To be given honest, complete, and useful information from the bankruptcy attorney, not just a sales pitch.

3. To have your questions answered at the initial free bankruptcy consultation.

4. To have the bankruptcy information as well as the bankruptcy attorney services to be provided explained in plain English not “Legalese”. An attorney should not expect you to understand all the legal terms.

5. To have all fees explained including what is included and NOT included in basic service fees. No negative surprises later.

6. No high pressure sales tactics! You have enough pressure from creditors, bill collectors, collection agencies and creditor’s attorneys. There is no excuse for being pressured by an attorney to immediately hire him/her. If you are about to suffer an immediate loss such as a foreclosure, repossession or wage garnishment, then it should be the circumstances and not the attorney supplying the pressure.

Your free bankruptcy attorney consultation should end with you knowing that debt relief and a promising new future awaits

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