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How would you like to keep your home, get rid of your 2nd mortgage forever, control or even eliminate your other debts, and save thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars? In the next few minutes I am going to explain to you how we can really help you can do exactly this.

Welcome to our website. This web site is my gift to you. I’m Gary Ray Fraley, founder of Fraley & Fraley, California Bankruptcy Attorneys. My firm is focused solely on protecting individuals and small businesses from mortgage company and bill collector abuse. I founded Fraley & Fraley in 1978. I am one of only about 100 attorneys in California that has been Certified by the California State Bar Board of Legal Specialization as a Bankruptcy Specialist. My firm only practices bankruptcy, debt reorganization and debt negotiation law.

Now that we have introductions out of the way, I’m sure you’re wondering why I sent you a postcard inviting you to this web site and what this is all about. You are one of only a very small number of homeowners specifically chosen to receive our invitation. One of the reasons you were chosen isbecause, unfortunately, you almost certainly have no equity in your home. In fact, your home is likely worth less than what you owe on your 1st mortgage alone. While you would normally consider this bad news, these storm clouds do have a silver lining for you, as you’ll see.

Many home owners like you just give up and walk away from their home. Worse yet, people in your situation often get talked into doing a short sale of their home by some real estate agent that does not know, or realize, or even care what the true tax and other consequences are for you. I want you to know that walking away from your home or short selling your home is likely to be the worst mistake you can possibly make for your financial future.

My law firm specializes in helping people keep their homes and reduce their debts, not just mortgage debt, but all debts. Together we can control some of your debts and eliminate the rest. That includes your 2nd mortgage.

If you never had to pay another cent to your 2nd mortgage holder again would you keep your home? If your answer is “yes” then you need to call my friendly staff and schedule your free, no pressure, attorney consultation with myself or one of my associate attorneys. There is a good chance we can make that a reality as well as control or eliminate other debts like credit cards, lines of credit, medical bills, and, in some cases, even taxes.

Even if your answer is “no,” you still need to contact us immediately. Here’s why:

If you took out your 2nd mortgage after you bought your home, whether as part of a refinance or a new loan or home equity line of credit, if you cannot make your mortgage payments to your 1st mortgage, the 1st mortgage can foreclose and take your home. Then it gets much worse. Your 2 mortgage can still sue you for the full amount of your loan with them. Fortunately I can control or, even more likely, wipe out your personal obligation to pay that 2nd mortgage debt forever. If you choose to, you can keep your home without that 2nd mortgage.

Did you know that, if you move out of your home, you may well lose your ability to qualify to file Chapter 7 bankruptcy? Instead of being able to get rid of most of your debts, you could be required to spend 3 to 5 years of yourlife paying every penny above what the IRS thinks you should live on to
your creditors, including your 2nd mortgage debt.

This piece of Bankruptcy legislation, was written by the Credit Industry and became law in 2005 with the help of politicians who received large “political contributions” from the credit industry. Needless to say it was not written for your benefit.

Even if you are ready to walk away from your home now, the free advice you will receive in my office will still be worth thousands of dollars to you. I guarantee it. If I’m wrong and I can’t show you what you can do to save yourself some money, I’ll give you $20 for your time.

I’m sure you’re wondering how I can make such an offer. The reason is simple. When I became an attorney I was determined to help people just like you solve their financial problems. To this day my focus has never changed or waivered. Since 1978 I’ve helped thousands of people just like you. Even those that I can’t directly help have left my office with valuable information and a plan of how to better deal with their financial situation.

All I ask is the opportunity to prove to you that I can help you.When you come to my law firm, you need to bring in a completed questionnaire. We can’t give you good advice based on bad or incomplete information.

This isn’t going to be 30 minutes and a fee quote. This isn’t going to be about getting your money into my pocket or giving you just what you want to hear. This is about giving you the good, and the bad, and even the ugly. This will be real information and advice that you need to make good decisions.

Oh, by the way, our free attorney consultations typically last 1 to 2 hours, sometimes longer. You see, we will answer all of your questions. You will never be pressured to do anything. What you will take away from the consultation is good, honest, useful information.

You have the opportunity to end your worries about your home, your debts and your future. No more nights afraid of what bad thing is going to happen next. No more wondering your rights are. Seeing us is not the last step on theroad down. On the contrary, it’s the first step on your road back to a better life. If you don’t control your destiny, your creditors will control it for you.

Call my friendly staff at 916.485.5444 to schedule a free, no pressure attorney consultation with myself or one of my associate attorneys. Don’t be afraid. Let me help you regain control of your life.

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