Rebuilding Credit Not Credit Repair

Do Not Do Credit Repair. Rebuild Your Credit

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Don’t just file bankruptcy! Rebuild your credit as well!

Filing bankruptcy gets rid of most debts. That gives you what they will call a “fresh start.” May bankruptcy law firms claim to do that with varying degrees of success.

However, getting rid of the debts is only half of the job.

A “fresh start” is only that, a START. These bankruptcy law firms leave you on your own to try to rebuild your credit.

At Fraley & Fraley, we want to help you rebuild your credit. Because of this we are doing something no other bankruptcy law firm in the Sacramento region is doing.

At Fraley & Fraley, we are giving every bankruptcy client a complimentary $1,000 credit rebuilding program!!

Every client of mine, when their bankruptcy is completed, will get this credit rebuilding program at no cost whatsoever.

I know of no other law firm that is offering this to their clients in our region AT NO CHARGE.

I am told that many bankruptcy law firms in the nation are charging their clients hundreds of dollars extra for this program in addition to their bankruptcy fees.

This program is very expensive for Fraley & Fraley to be able to offer. As such, this offer is only guaranteed to be available for limited time.

For many of my clients, this program can significantly improve your credit in just 12 to 24 months! What will happen for you will depend on your specific situation. Even if you cannot do what is taught in the program at this time, it will be helpful when your situation changes and you can do what the program teaches you. 

Now, let me start by saying that there are a lot of credit repair scams. These credit repair companies promise that they can wipe your credit report clean. In fact, I have never seen a credit repair company that was not a scam. On top of that, these credit repair programs are typically expensive ($2,000 to $3,000), they do not work, and they almost always use illegal methods that will come back to haunt you.

Credit repair is like patching up an old building. It is at best ugly and cobbled together. Rebuilding credit is like clearing away the old building and replacing it with a new one from the ground up.

This program is completely different from credit repair. They do not have you try to remove legitimate items from your credit report or make it look like the bankruptcy didn’t happen like the credit repair companies. In this age of fast computers, those games never work anyway. Instead, you do things that add new positive items to the credit report to rebuild your credit! Another way to look at it is that the program teaches you how to overwhelm the old bad credit with new good credit.

As I said, they charge $1,000 per person to take their course. However, buy buying their programs in bulk, Fraley & Fraley is able to offer this great program to you at no charge!

Simply put, we are paying for your credit-rebuilding program out of our own money, not yours!

The company has been around for over 10 years and helped over 9,000 customers.  We contacted other bankruptcy attorneys, including one I know personally, that are using the services for their clients. They have nothing but good things to say about how the course helped their clients rebuild their credit.

 Rip-off Report actually rates them as a “Verified safe” company to do business with. They even sent 4 people secretly to take the course and were impressed.

The Difference Between Credit Repair and Rebuilding Credit 

 Unlike the credit repair scammers, the program will teach you how to obtain new credit and handle it well. The trick is to do just as they say and not put yourself back out on a limb. As an example, you will learn what credit cards you can obtain and which ones to stay away from. They will tell you which ones report to the credit reporting agencies and which ones do not. They will explain how much credit you should use and how much to leave unused. This is just a few of many examples of what they teach. There are many other things they will teach you as well.

 There are 14 lessons. You get one each week. The good news is that each lesson   is a short video with “homework” that takes less than 1 hour to do. It is easy to follow and can give you results that no other company can boast of.

Why You Want to Quickly Rebuild Your Credit (vs. Credit Repair)

The problem with just filing bankruptcy and not rebuilding your credit is that you end up with no credit.

Having no credit means that, when your car irrevocably breaks down and you need a new one, you cannot get one – because you have no credit! No credit will be a problem when you want to buy a home or refinance a mortgage. You may not get it or, if you do, it may cost substantially more for interest or higher down payment. This can cost you tens of thousands of dollars or more. This is why it is so important to rebuild your credit quickly.

If you do it this company’s way, you can build up credit without actually spending any more money than you usually would.

Why You Need to Hire Fraley & Fraley Now

WARNING: Due to the high cost I am paying to provide this program to my clients, I may not be able to afford to provide this service in the future.

Therefore I encourage you to contact us IMMMEDIATELY to schedule your free bankruptcy attorney consultation.

Call Fraley & Fraley NOW at (916) 485-5444 to schedule a free bankruptcy attorney consultation. Take your first step in solving your financial problems by discharging debts and getting your free credit rebuilding program!

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