How Can I Stop Creditors From Harassing Me?

How Can I Stop Creditors From Harassing Me?

Creditors  If you are behind on your bills, the chances are high that your creditors are calling or writing you in an attempt to collect their debt. While lenders have the right to try to collect what is due, they do not have the right to engage in abusive or harassing collection practices. Unfortunately, many lenders do not consider their collection practices to be abusive, so it is up to the borrower to take steps to protect their rights and stop the harassment.

Actions You Can Take Against Creditors

If you are being called constantly and at inconvenient hours, you can send a written request that the lender cease and desist all contact with you. If the lender fails to comply with this request, you have the right to initiate legal action against that lender. Another option to put an end to the harassing calls and letters is to file for bankruptcy. Here is why filing for bankruptcy will end the calls:

Bankruptcy and Creditors

  • The instant a bankruptcy case is filed the debtor gets the protection of the automatic stay. The automatic stay is a legal mechanism that prohibits lenders from contacting people who have filed bankruptcy and it is effective immediately upon filing a case.
  • Because your lenders may not have immediate notice that you have filed, you can respond to a call or letter by providing your bankruptcy case number and terminating the call.
  • Once the case filing is verified, the calls should stop. In the meantime, you can direct all communication from your creditors to your bankruptcy attorney.

The purpose of the automatic stay is to give a borrower the chance to take a breath and get a break automatic-stay can be used to stop creditorsfrom overwhelming finances. The decision to file bankruptcy is not one most people come to light and the least the law can do is give those people the space they need to start fresh. The best way to do this is to be free from creditor harassment so you have a chance at a brighter financial future.

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