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Should I Use a Discount Attorney

What type of bankruptcy attorney do you want to protect your assets and make sure you will get a discharge?

Can you afford a DISCOUNT ATTORNEY??

Even if you THINK you have nothing to lose in assets, you could end up losing your DISCHARGE IN BANKRUPTCY and not getting rid of your debt.

I am regularly hired to clean up messes made by cheap bankruptcy law firms that think you are a dollar sign and that all they have to do is fill out some papers. Sometimes people come to me after they had a “cheap” attorney file their bankruptcy. Then they find out that the bankruptcy trustee, whose job is to find and take unprotected things you have, demands that they turn over things they thought they were going to keep. Many times it is too late for even me to save their assets.

I have seen people lose their homes, cars, jewelry, future tax refunds and money that they needed to survive because of poor planning by the bankruptcy attorney. Some lose money they thought gone because they “spent it” by sending out checks to pay bills that should have just been discharged. Worse yet, many times the bankruptcy trustee will demand money back that was paid to relatives on legitimate debts and pay it out to all creditors. Done right, these problems can often be easily avoided.


Bankruptcy done right is not about filling out papers. It is about planning and strategy to get you the best result possible including protecting the things you have, means test planning and timing. Sometimes the things done outside of bankruptcy or before a bankruptcy is filed is much more important than bankruptcy itself.


Over 37 years, I have seen many “high volume/low fee” bankruptcy filing bankruptcy law firms come and go. In fact, over the last 37 years, there is not been a single high volume law firm that has lasted more than 5-10 years, many less than that. What happens when you need help on your case a few years down the road and “your” law firm does not exist anymore?


Your income may not allow you to wipe out your debts in bankruptcy. However, you may be told you cannot do straight bankruptcy (Chapter 7) when, with some planning you could qualify.


Sometimes the bankruptcy lawyer may tell you that you cannot qualify for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. This can even be the truth at the time you see the attorney. However, with just a little planning, you could qualify.

Some attorneys do not know how to plan your case to get the best result. Worse yet, some attorneys may not want you to qualify for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy because their attorney’s fees to do a Chapter 13 reorganization are often double or triple the attorney’s fees you would pay them for a Chapter 7 case. That will never happen at FRALEY & FRALEY. We will tell you the best way to deal with your debts.

Whether you can even file for bankruptcy may depend on following the advice of a competent bankruptcy attorney.

That is just one of the many differences you will experience at FRALEY & FRALEY Sacramento Bankruptcy Attorneys.

We are NOT a “bankruptcy mill” at Fraley & Fraley, Sacramento Bankruptcy Attorneys. We are NOT attorneys who think their value is so little that they have to tell you that they will charge you a low-ball fee. We also do not quote a fee and then charge you more after you hire them for things you should have been told to begin with. All fees are stated up front so there are no negative surprises. Our fees are reasonable. Sometimes more though often are less than the volume bankruptcy firms.

Can you afford to risk your home, vehicles, tax refunds and other assets to a discount attorney?

Our fees are reasonable and our service is excellent. I founded Fraley & Fraley over 37 years ago. I am a California State Bar Board of Legal Specialization CERTIFIED Bankruptcy Law Specialist. I am a member of the National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys, which means I do almost exclusively people and small businesses in financial problems. It also means that I NEVER represent creditors like banks, credit card companies, collection agencies and debt buyers.

or….. Well, you get the idea.

There are many more issues only a highly qualified bankruptcy attorney can determine. Believe it or not, there are times when many other actions may need to be done to qualify to file a Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

Do you know that if you lived out of state at all in the last 2 years, you may not be able to use the California Exemptions (the laws protecting your assets?)

How about the fact that your “not quite ex-spouse” could stop you from being able to protect your property from your creditors?

Can you afford to have a Discount attorney protect what is of value to you?

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There is a saying “Knowledge is power.” Isn’t it time you got your power back?


Gary Ray Fraley, Esq.

California State Bar Board of Legal Specialization Certified Bankruptcy Law Specialist

Fraley & Fraley, Sacramento Bankruptcy Attorneys

1401 El Camino Ave, Suite 370, Sacramento, CA 95815 (916)485-5444

Fraley & Fraley is proud to be a Federally Designated Debt Relief Agency using Federal Bankruptcy Laws and other options to help you resolve your financial problems. Don’t leave your financial future in the hands of a Discount Attorney.

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